I love photography. I always have. This passion made me buy my first camera when I was a student in Lausanne in 1973, an Asahi Pentax Spomatic II. This event was the catalyst to a life-long journey of capturing those moments of singular beauty which surround all of us. Being blessed with a truly international life, I was fortunate to find thrilling subject matter to put in my viewfinder, time and time again. As I matured with the years, so did my appreciation and execution of this art form. Photography, paining with light. As the world went digital it became easier to share my love and vision of the world with those around me.

Harnessing the technological advancements of the last half decade, I started connecting with photographers around the world, who encouraged me to take my art further. This led me to publish limited edition books. What I love to shoot most are nature, landscapes, architecture and portraits. Shortly after joining a photography club in Cartagena Colombia, ¨La Cueva del Arte¨ I won a couple of contests and was invited to showcase my work in professional photography exhibitions in Stuttgart, Barcelona and Tijuana, to name a few.

The last few years I have settled down to enjoy life on the Mexican Caribbean, with my wife Sara. My family brings me joy and inspiration beyond description, particularly my grandson Lance.

I invite you to enjoy my work, and hope that it brings you as much pleasure in viewing it as it brought me in producing it.
- Hernan

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